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Switch on Savings: Tips for Reducing Your Energy Usage this Fall and Winter

Sep 20th 2021

Switch on Savings: Tips for Reducing Your Energy Usage this Fall and Winter

With the days getting shorter, you may find yourself using your lights more often, turning them on earlier and off later, cutting into your potential to reduce your energy use. If you want to maximize these potential savings, lighting is a great place to start—specifically LED lights.

Ditch Out-Dated Bulbs

Lighting makes up about a fifth of the average home’s energy costs—and if that home is using traditional light bulbs, a lot of that money is going to waste. Why? Because traditional bulbs give off plenty of excess heat, consuming electricity without actually producing light.

These bulbs use about 10% of the energy they consume to actually create light, while the remainder is wasted as excess heat. An easy way to get more light for your buck is to switch to LED bulbs!

LED Bulbs: A Bright Idea

When it comes to energy use, almost the exact opposite happens with LEDs: 90% of energy consumed produces light and just 10% is given off as heat!

This doesn’t just mean more light for less money with LEDs. The excess heat produced by traditional bulbs dramatically shortens how long they last. In fact, LED bulbs typically last 5x longer than incandescent bulbs.

Plus, traditional light bulbs contain mercury, which isn’t exactly great for the environment, while LED bulbs are mercury-free.

Make Room for LEDs

LED bulbs work great anywhere you put them! With recent improvements in the technology, these bulbs are just as bright as traditional bulbs. Plus, there are plenty of options to choose from in terms of color and design.

Indoor LEDs

Add a cozy touch to your home by using 3-way or decorative bulbs for your ceiling lights or wall fixtures! With 3-way bulbs, you can adjust the brightness depending on your mood, while decorative bulbs add character to spaces.

Outdoor LEDs

Light up your yard or patio with LED flood lights! These powerful bulbs are great for larger spaces that need a little extra light to bring it all together.

Or make the switch for the holidays to LED bulbs! They give you that same colorful, festive feel—just with less energy and money wasted.

LEDs Pay for Themselves

When it comes to making the switch, some people might worry about the higher price tag of LED bulbs. It’s important to keep in mind that LEDs not only last longer, they also use less energy. So, while they may be slightly more expensive at first, LEDs typically end up saving customers around $80 in the long run.

Fall is the perfect time to make the switch. Visit the LED Lighting category of the EnergyWise Savings Store to find the right LED option for your home.

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