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Decorative Bundle

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Dominion Energy programs help conserve the amount of energy we use at home and businesses throughout our communities. The small amounts saved add up quickly, as well as help the environment. You can start saving these items in the Decorative Bundle.

The Decorative Bundle includes (2) 5-packs Dimmable 9W (60W equiv) LEDs, (5) Dimmable Candelabra 5W LEDs , and (1) 7-Outlet Advanced Power Strip.


5-Pack Dimmable LED, 9W (60W equiv), 2700K


A dimmable, instant-on LED at a great value. Suits your bathrooms, patio fixtures and lamps—without casting a shadow underneath. Thanks to smart engineering, our durable LED delivers long-term performance, and uses only a fraction of the energy that an incandescent would. Save energy and money while enjoying a warm, natural-feeling light at whatever brightness you prefer. 25,000-hour life. ENERGY STAR® certified for quality.

energy star

These dimmable A19 LEDs:

  • Deliver wide-reaching rays, thanks to a 220° beam angle
  • Withstand damp conditions, indoors and outdoors
  • Shine 22x longer than—and offers 80% energy savings over—comparable incandescents
  • Work in ceiling lights, decorative fixtures and even entirely enclosed fixtures (without overheating them)
  • Fit your existing sockets

Product Warranty: 5 years


Dimmable LED Candelabra, 5W (40W equiv), 2700K

Candelabra Bulb

With these bulbs, you can get the best of both worlds—energy savings and beautiful lighting. These decorative LEDs work with many fixtures, making it easy to swap current bulbs for this more efficient one. They can also enjoy this “go-green” light for years to come with a 25,000-hour lifespan per bulb. ENERGY STAR® certified for quality.

energy star

These candelabra bulbs:

  • Deliver 325 lumens
  • Replace 40-watt incandescents & compact fluorescents
  • Seamlessly fit in chandeliers, wall sconces, decorative lamps, ceiling fan lights and an array of dimmable fixtures

Product Warranty: 5 Years

7-Outlet Advanced Power Strip

Tier 1 Advanced Power Strip

Eliminate excess energy use and trim utility bills with this energy saving advanced power strip. It works by intelligently cutting off power to connected devices when they're not in use, eliminating phantom and standby power losses without ever unplugging the equipment.

This power strip:

  • Includes load-sensing technology that detects the current being drawn through the master outlet, which is plugged into a primary device like a TV or computer. Peripheral devices like game consoles, DVD players or monitors are plugged into the switched outlets, which only become energized when a high current is detected in the master outlet, indicating the TV or computer is powered on.
  • Features always-on outlets to provide power at all times, so they can be used for devices that need power constantly, like modems and cable boxes.
  • Includes a 3-ft. heavy-duty cord.
  • Features an angled space-saver plug.
  • Includes child-protective outlet covers.
Outlets and hardware:
  • 1 master outlet (transformer spaced)
  • Includes 2 always-on outlets
  • Includes 4 switched outlets

Product Warranty: 10 Years


smart led flood bulb lifestyle 2
Tier 1 Advanced Power Strip


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Decorative Bundle

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